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Tea House is a platform for alumni to share their experiences at NPI.

We also publish your articles, thoughts, blogs, travel journals etc. here. Just send an email with your writing and a photo to info@nepalpressinstitute.org.np or nepalpressinstitute@gmail.com

Nepal Press Institute gave me a new life

Amrita Lamsal
President, IHRICON
Every person borns time to time physically, intellectually and economically etc. For this we can take the example of Gau...


How I Became a Journalist?

Charu Chadha
Editor, WOW & Business 360
 I am the editor of Business 360 – a leading business and management magazine based on the ideals of free markets...


A life-changing experience

Manju Bhatta
Director, Media Services Nepal
I belong to the 11th batch of NPI trainees. Although a science graduate, I was attracted to a profession that involved w...


Trained in a Gurukul

Shreeram Singh Basnet
Senior Journalist and Former Chief Editor, National News Agency
Reading and writing has remained my passion since the school days. As a college student I used to write for literary pub...


Fortunate to be an NPI alumni

Rabindra Mishra
Coordinator,Bibeksheel Sajha Party & Former Editor, BBC Nepali Service
OVER thirty years ago, I was an undergraduate student of journalism at Ratna Rajya (RR) College in Kathmandu when I saw ...


Gurus and their dedication

Ramesh Prasad Khanal
Nepalese Ambassador to Germany
When I joined NPI in 1985 to be one among its first batch of about thirty trainees, I had not imagined that it would ult...